Meet the Team

I'm Jay and the hound is my (not very helpful) assistant, Zach. If we are going to honest I do the work and he chews my shoes!

I have been working with design and arts for most of my life - I love the precision involved and the ability to use my problem-solving skills to help people get results. I have been a photographer, illustrator, worked in print and digital, with healers, NGOs, commercial enterprises and just about everything in between!

I work in print and digital so nothing is out of reach when it comes to working with you to get the outcomes you are looking for.

Doing Good

Do Good Design is based on the premise that If it's good for our little green corner of the universe, it's good for us. We all have a responsibility to each other to uphold what is fair, to do what we can for the good of our community and so Do Good Design operates under a Not-for-Profit model, supports the UNs Sustainable Development Goals which you can learn more about here and pays living wage as minimum when we work with contractors or employees.